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Cell Phone Lesson

Where was it? I had looked everywhere I could think of in the house for my cell phone. I went to the house phone, and embarrassed at what I had to do next, I nonchalantly looked around to make sure the kids couldn’t see what I was about to do. Then I dialed my cell number.

I was happy to hear it ringing down the hall, in the study. I followed the sound to the desk, where it sat next to the computer my daughter was using. Snagged.

Kathy looked up with a grin as I picked up my cell. “Loose your phone again, Mom?” I sheepishly smiled back.

When had I become so dependant on this electronic device? If I forgot it at home, I would retrace my steps to return home to retrieve it. It was a smart phone, delivering personal and work emails and text messages throughout my day. It keeps my calendars, contact lists. I use it to surf the web, looking for directions to where I’m going, or for information I need instantly. It holds important files, and has games for long waiting rooms. I’ve taken many pictures with it, and then emailed the picture to a vendor or to family.

Sometimes, if I see the little red light flashing, I stop what I’m doing to reach for the phone, checking out the new email, text, or appointment reminder. The device is constantly on.

It occurred to me the other day that my obsession with my phone was crowding God out, not giving myself the time I needed to hear Him, or time to spend alone with Him in prayerful companionship.

What if I paid attention to God with the same amount of time I paid attention to my phone? If when I saw the little red light, instead of immediately reaching for the phone, I offered a prayer of thanksgiving for something good that was happening in my life, or if I offered a prayer for someone?

And imaging how different my life could be if I spent as much time in prayer as I did surfing the web!

© Diane L. Neuls DeBlasio 2011

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