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Sandia Mountain trailKathy waited patiently for me in the middle of the mountain trail. I gazed from a distance at the path we were to climb: steep, rocky and looked like it would be a challenge.

The trail was in the Cibola National Forest, located at the top of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We were well over 10,000 feet up; a big altitude difference for someone who lives at sea level.

“C’mon, Mom! Let’s get going!” Kathy encouraged me to put down the camera and start moving up the trail.

As we hiked through the woods, I took a closer look at the path we were on. It wasn’t as rough as I had imagined: the rocks had been worn by previous travelers. At the forks in the path, each way was equally worn; which fork to take was at the preference of the hiker. One fork afforded a view of the woods, the other a view over the valley.

Kathy had made sure we were well prepared for the three mile hike we were taking: we wore our hiking boots, had jackets for the temperature change, and plenty of water and snacks. She advised that due to the altitude, we would take our time.

We passed by many beautiful flowers growing through the rocks, in the woods, and along the side of the path, The birds sang to each other, and the sun through the trees was warm on our faces.

Along the way, fellow hikers would greet us with a “Hi!”, “Hello!”, or a “How y’all doing?” depending which part of the country they were visiting from. People coming from the direction we were heading made sure to tell us of a particular path or site up ahead to see.

Albuquerque from 10500 feet It took us a while to climb up the pathway to our destination, but the view was worth it – we overlooked Albuquerque from almost 11,000 feet.  

What I had initially thought of as a difficult path and what would be a challenging journey was made easier by having a companion with me, to walk beside me. People who had walked that trail ahead of us smoothed the way; others pointed out things we should make sure to experience.

It occurred to me that my life paths are like this too. Sometimes they seem difficult. But my life journeys are easier to travel with a friend, and with the advice and encouragement of those who have been down a similar path before me. God sends the right person I need when I need, and if I take the time to see Him in them, the journey is far more rewarding. God in the ordinary.

© Diane L. Neuls DeBlasio 2013


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